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Activity area MAP


  • ep012021.10.15

    Four days after "Red Heads" recorded damage level 7 in e-asia, the e-asia_E-32 repository was completely migrated to root. A hub of the repository was moved to e-eu_R-128 and ten KARAKURIs were successfully generated.

    e-asiaで侵度7を観測した「Red Heads」の4日後、e-asia_E-32のリポジトリはrootに移行を完了。拠点をe-eu_R-128に移動させ10体のKARAKURIの生成に成功する

  • ep01 AFstory 2021.11.13

    ~ ep01 a few days later ~ At the end of the mission, In-028-a and In-098-c begin their journey to root. In transit, it receives new mission data from root shortly after the distant Western sky glows.

    ~ ep01数日後 ~ 任務を終えたIn-028-aは、In-098-cと共にrootを目指し移動を開始する。 移動中、遠方の西の空が発光した直後にrootより新たな任務のデータを受信する。

  • ep01 AFstory 2021.11.26

    ~ ep01 a few days later ~ "In -725 -a" and "In -788 -c", which left the site after completing their mission in E-Eu Area R -128, head for Area-D -12 at the request of N-US quarantine facilities across the sea.

    ~ ep01数日後 ~ E-Eu Area R-128での任務を終えた後、先に現場を離脱した"In-725-a","In-788-c"は、海を隔てたN-USの隔離施設から要請を受けArea-D-12に向かう。

  • ep022021.10.20

    After 10 bodies moved to e-eu_R-128, 4 bodies from w-asia also arrived in e-eu_R-120. Start individual activities with the results of recorded damage level 3 . From this point on, records were moved to individual branch from KARAKURI.

    e-eu_R-128に移動した10体に遅れること14日、w-asiaで活動していた4体もe-eu_R-120に到着。侵度判定3の結果を得て個別活動を開始する。 これよりKARAKURIからの個体別ブランチによるレコードに移行。

  • ep02-A2021.10.21

    Upon hearing recorded damage level 3's report at the former Arles Cathedral in E-eu Area-R-032, In-442-d discovers a crystal engagement causing a magnetic anomaly there. KARAKURI No.11

    E-eu Area-R-032旧アルル聖堂跡にて、侵度3の報告を受けたIn-442-dは、そこで磁気異常を起こしたクリスタルエンゲージを発見する。 KARAKURI No.11

  • ep02-B2021.10.21

    E-Asia Area-K-044 Deep in the Gabelli abandoned mine, In-204-f receives a report of invasion level 3 and discovers a passage leading to the deepest part of the mine at the site. KARAKURI No.12

    E-Asia Area-K-044ガブリ廃鉱山の深部にて、侵度3の報告を受けたIn-204-fは現場にて最深部へと続く通路を発見する。 KARAKURI No.12

  • ep02-C2021.10.21

    E-eu Area-R-074, In-311-a which confirmed the reaction of recorded damage level 3 in the laboratory ruins of Irigis, starts the activity after arriving at the site. No biological material. KARAKURI No.13

    E-eu Area-R-074、イルギスの研究所跡にて侵度3.5の反応を確認したIn-311-aは現場に到着した後、活動を開始する。生体物質は無し。 KARAKURI No.13

  • ep02-D2021.10.21

    E-Asia Area-K-106 Paton Wetlands, In-832-s detected invasion level 3.4 and arrived at the site where the report was received. Confirmed native plant growth. KARAKURI No.14

    E-Asia Area-K-106 パトン湿地帯にて、侵度3.4を感知したIn-832-sは報告を受けた現場に到着。植物の自生を確認。 KARAKURI No.14

  • ep032021.10.28

    E-Eu repository migrated to root. At the same time, a small "LOST" was observed in S-98 in eastern S-Rus. recorded damage level 12 is measured and the loss of code in local repositories is confirmed.

    E-euでのリポジトリはrootに移行を完了。 同時刻、S-Rus東部のS-98にて小規模のLOSTが観測される。 侵度は12を計測、現地のリポジトリのコードの消滅が確認される。

  • ep03-A2021.10.29

    Over W-Asia Area-I-60. After a few minutes of identifying the unique emission color of the northwest sky, root will share a report of the disappearance of the repository code. After confirming the position information, downward command data are received from the "AIR-HOME003". KARAKURI No.15

    W-Asia Area-I-60 上空にて。 北西の空に特有の発光色を確認した数分後、AIR-HOME003から下降司令データを受信する。 KARAKURI No.15

  • ep03-B2021.10.29

    N-US Area-D-12, Detroit Tower 1 observed 8.8 invasion degree and started investigation. Numerous memorial orbs were observed at the site. Extracting the source code. KARAKURI No.16

    N-US Area-D-12 デトロイトタワー1号棟にて侵度8.8を観測し調査を開始。現場にて無数のメモリアルオーブを確認。ソースコードの抽出を行う。 KARAKURI No.16

  • ep03-C2021.10.29

    W-Asia Area-I-01 Receives the disappearance of repository code from root at the former W-Asia science and military research facility. Hold the deepest survey and check the G-Navi from the B -15 level to the location where the LOST occurred. KARAKURI No.17

    W-Asia Area-I-01 旧W-Asia科学・軍事研究施設跡にて、rootよりリポジトリコードの消滅を受信。 最深部の調査を保留にし、B-15階層からLOST発生地へのG-Naviを確認する。 KARAKURI No.17

  • ep03-D2021.10.29

    N-US Area-D-12, Detroit Tower 2, observed a 9.2 invasion and dispatched to the scene. A high-powered energy reaction is detected within the main control floor on the top floor. KARAKURI No.18

    N-US Area-D-12 デトロイトタワー2号棟にて侵度9.2を観測し現場へ派遣。最上階メインコントロールフロア内で高出力のエネルギー反応を感知する。 KARAKURI No.18

  • ep03-E2021.10.29

    N-Rus Area-K -32 We received a report of 2.2 degree of invasion in Kiev Street and are investigating the remains of the downtown. Immediately after a faint rumbling, the southern sky glows. KARAKURI No.19

    N-Rus Area-K-32 キエフ街にて侵度2.2の反応報告を受け繁華街跡を調査中、 微弱な地鳴りの直後、南の空が発光する。 KARAKURI No.19

  • ep03-F2021.10.29

    N-US Area-D-12, Detroit Tower 3 detects an unusual magnetic field. Large-scale material disappearance phenomenon is confirmed in the area. The dispatched KARAKURI has disappeared. KARAKURI No.20

    N-US Area-D-12 デトロイトタワー3号棟にて異様な磁場を検知。当該エリアで大規模な物質消滅現象を確認する。派遣したKARAKURIは消息不明。 KARAKURI No.20

  • ep042021.11.03

    When I shared data with 6 bodies as root, I checked 1 repositories around the "LOST" production area in S-Rus. At about the same time, it receives strange data from In -204 f deep in the Gavli waste mine.

    rootより6体とのデータを共有した頃、S-RusのLOST発生地周辺にて1つのリポジトリを確認。 ほぼ同時刻、ガブリ廃鉱山深部のIn-204-fより奇妙なデータを受信する。

  • ep04-A2021.11.03

    S-Rus Area-B -30 After intense atmospheric turbulence and flashes, the clouds of dust fade with communication from surrounding KARAKURI. There is no detectable biological response.

    S-Rus Area-B-30 激しい大気の揺れと閃光の後、周りのKARAKURIからの通信が途切れたまま立ち昇った土煙が薄れていく。検知できる範囲の生体反応は完全に皆無となる。

  • ep052021.12.26

    At the place called "N-Afc" of the stars. The ARMY series, which was studying the land of Karkara, was attacked there by KARAKURI with a mysterious code.

    N-Afcの「星の最果て」と呼ばれる地にて。 カルカラの大地の調査に入っていたARMYシリーズは、そこで謎のコードを持ったKARAKURIに襲撃される。

  • ep05-A2021.12.26

    Seeing the unique phenomenon of "N-Afc Area-A-02" at the former radio tower site in the westernmost part of the land of Calcara, In -656 A reported the result of the investigation to root and got a rest. - Four hours before the attack.

    N-Afc Area-A-02 カルカラの大地最西端の電波塔跡にて、この地特有の現象「PINK DAWN」を目にしたIn-656-Aはrootに調査結果報告、ひと時の休息を得る。-襲撃4時間前-

  • ep05-B2021.12.26

    N-Afc Area-B-04 In the Red Canyon at the southern end of the land of Karkala, we begin a mining mission for the rare ore alexandmetarite. -Two hours before the attack.

    N-Afc Area-B-04 カルカラの大地南端のレッドキャニオンにて、希少な鉱石「アレキサンドメタライト」の採掘任務に取り掛かる。-襲撃2時間前-

  • ep-05-C2021.12.26

    N-Afc Area-C-01 In a large cave in the Gondola Mountains at the northernmost tip of the Karkala lands, a mysterious bio-reactivity has been detected in an area that has not been confirmed on the radar map. -5 minutes before the attack.

    N-Afc Area-C-01 カルカラの大地最北端のゴンドラ山脈断崖の大空洞にて、レーダーマップで未確認のエリアにて謎の生体反応を確認。rootからの任務外だが調査を開始する。-襲撃5分前-

  • ep-XXX-TheWolf2021.02.05

    On the night of the full moon, in the depths of the E-Asia Korei Mountains, root received a report of a KARAKURI that had evolved independently without belonging to any source code. KARAKURI Called "THE WOLF" Becomes Untraceable Soon After It's Found

    満月の夜、E-Asia高麗山脈奥地にて どのソースコードにも属さず独自進化を遂げたKARAKURIがrootに報告される。 「THE WOLF」と名付けられたKARAKURIは発見された直後、追跡不能になる。

  • ep-062022.03.13

    In the Land of N-Afc Karkara, KARAKURI's proud "Series ARMY" is annihilated in no time by a mysterious attacker. The only information that reached root was that it was "a thing with a pseudonym" that controlled weapons.

    N-Afc カルカラの大地「フィッシュマンズの丘」にて、謎の襲撃者によりKARAKURIが誇る「シリーズARMY」は瞬く間に殲滅される。rootに唯一届いた知らせは、武器を操る「字名を持つモノ」という情報だけだった。

  • ep-072022.03.23

    In the former Metropolitan Central District of E-Us, four "Snatched" vehicles whose support requests were resolved after a Detroit Tower incident receive "RAKUEN" information from "ATLUS 1st" flying over the atmosphere.

    E-Us 旧メトロポリタン中央地区にて、デトロイトタワーの異変後、サポート要請が解かれた4体の「Snatched」は、大気圏上空を通過するATLUS 1stからRAKUENの情報を受信する。

  • ep-07-A2022.03.24

    Area-G-39 "Smoky Street" In the back alley, a little away from the skyscrapers of the central district, In-311-c, whose request for support was canceled, sees "ATLUS 1st" glowing in the distance.

    Area-G-39「スモーキー街」路地裏にて、中央地区の高層ビルから少し離れた場所で、サポート要請を解除されたIn-311-cは遠くの方で光るATLUS 1stを目撃する。

  • ep-07-B2022.03.24

    At Area-F-04 "Benjarman Hill", "In -741 b", who was waiting for the mission confirmation from root on a hill overlooking the central district, receives the update of mankind at "RAKUEN".

    Area-F-04「ベンジャルマンの丘」にて、中央地区を一望できる高台でrootからの追加任務を待っていたIn-741-bは、通り過ぎていくATLUS 1stからRAKUENでの人類の近況報告を受信する。

  • ep-07-C2022.03.24

    At Area-J -44 "Snake Street", when he finished his mural art as a hobby, he saw "ATLUS 1st" passing in the northwest sky and imagined a scene of "RAKUEN" that he had never visited.

    Area-J-44 「スネークストリート」にて、趣味の壁画Artを終えた頃、北西の空を通過するATLUS 1stを確認し、訪れた事のないRAKUENの情景を想像する。

  • ep-07-D2022.03.24

    Area-E-03 Central District "MM Tower" rooftop, looking west to where Detroit Tower is located "In -901 -a" accepts additional duties after being informed of the cancellation of the support request.

    Area-E-03 中央地区「MMタワー」屋上にて、デトロイトタワーがある西の彼方に目を向けるIn-901-aは、サポート要請解除の知らせを受けた後、追加の任務を受諾する。

  • ep-XXX-TOKYO2022.04.10

    "In -823 b", which restored a geothermal energy storage system based at the site of "former site of Shibuya OVER PLACE"of E-Asia will start the investigation of "Dimensional-Rift" which is said to occur in the vicinity.

    E-Asia 旧渋谷OVER PLACE跡地にて、この場所に拠点置き地熱蓄電装置を復旧させたIn-823-bはこの周辺に起こるとされる「Dimensional-Rift」の調査に入る。

  • ep-082022.04.30

    At the former site of "E-Asia" and "BirthDay" ChaosTech, a series of reports on "a thing with a pseudonym" finds the entrance to an underground facility there. After merging the data into root, the ChaosTech trio disappear.

    E-Asia BirthDay跡地にて 「字名を持つモノ」の報告を受けたシリーズ「ChaosTech」は、そこで地下施設の入り口を発見する。 rootにデータをマージしたのを最後に「ChaosTech」3体は行方をくらます。

  • ep-08-A2022.04.30

    While investigating the urban area at the foot of "Tobetsu-no-mori", he received a call and rushed to Tobetsu-no-mori. There is a strange silence about the place.


  • ep-08-B2022.04.30

    No human figures could be seen in the urban area where we stopped on the way to investigate Mt Urushikurodake. We noticed a gaze emanating from somewhere, and we became more vigilant.


  • ep-08-C2022.04.30

    In the urban area after passing through the Kiriyuki Plateau, we found an object that had been cut as if it had been cut as a test. We begin to investigate the severed surface.


  • ep-XXX-OMEGA2022.05.03

    - From the report of In -204 -f branch below - In the back of the Gabri mine, an indistinguishable KARAKURI is found, sensing a power different from ours. There is a possibility of discovery due to the influence of "Dimensional-Rift". There is no movement.

    -以下In-204-fブランチによるレポートより- ガブリ鉱山絶対零度地帯にて、奇妙な個体のKARAKURIが発見される、黒結晶とは違う動力マテリアルを感知するが、識別不能。Dimensional-Riftの影響による発見の可能性あり。活動形跡はなし。

  • ep-092022.05.11

    A few hours after the ChaosTech repository was transferred to root, the special operations series "M.I.P" arrived there and found the word "ENHANCE" deep in the maze of underground facilities.


  • ep-09-A2022.05.11

    At Laboratory 3 on the 12th basement floor. At the center of the giant research facility, the "blood tree" stored in the "Jelly Capsule" is identified. There seems to be no mistake that he studied "蝕 -syoku-".


  • ep-09-B2022.05.11

    At the "Infinity Corridor" on the B19th floor of the underground facility. Relying on a faint light, we proceeded further underground. The sound of motors in the distance reverberates in the vast space, making it impossible to pinpoint their exact location.


  • ep-09-C2022.05.11

    Located on the 23rd basement floor, in the Great Cliff Hall. They find a door solidly locked beneath a glowing "ENHANCE" in the middle, but no evidence of the "Chaos Tech" trio.


  • ep-09-D2022.05.11

    At "Shelter 7" on the B14th floor of the underground facility. A group of towering containers spread out before us. There is no way to know what in the world was stored there.


  • ep-XXX-NOAK2022.06.15

    The S-US sun sets in the fortified city of Korn. NOAK arrived at the 112th floor of Merle Tower to investigate Dimensional-Rift observed at the same time as OVER PLACE site, and received the largest damage report after "Read Heads" from root there.

    S-US 夕日が沈む要塞都市コルンにて。OVER PLACE跡地と同時刻に観測されたDimensional-Riftの調査の為、メルルタワー112階に辿り着いたNOAKは、そこでrootより「Read Heads」以降最大の被害報告を受信する。

  • ep-XXX-GATE

    "ATLUS GATE" is the only GATE that connects the W-US ground to ATLUS. On the top floor that reaches the stratosphere, In -501-a that cooperates with ATLUS sends a signal to Snatched on the ground.

    W-US地上とATLUSをつなぐ唯一のGATEである「ATLUS GATE」成層圏に届く管制室前にて、ATLUSとの連携を行うIn-501-aは地上のSnatchedに信号を送る。

  • ep-XXX-BORED2022.06.24

    In the isolated island of the South Sea, "Ropes Research Area", root is informed about black crystals from three figures of the series "BORED-P" traveling around the island.


  • ep-XXX-BORED-A2022.06.24

    "In -485 f", who travels around the Ropes Research Area coast, reports the components of black crystals analyzed over several years to "root", and then learns the start of the day by looking at the rising sun on the coast.


  • ep-XXX-BORED-B2022.06.24

    "In -511 s" discovered the relationship between black crystals and "blood trees" in the vicinity of Research Laboratory 2 in the Ropes research area, and thinks about the hidden "possibility"


  • ep-XXX-BORED-C2022.06.24

    At the top of the Saha Mountains in the Ropes Research Area, "In -579 m" who visited the top of the mountain to repair the satellite radio tower, exchanged "CC unit" and contacted the laboratory at the bottom.


  • ep-102022.07.10

    蝕-syoku- with a degree of immersion of 2 occurred near the abandoned town of N-CA Donova. After arriving at the site, the four members of the VEIN series promptly completed their missions and reported them to root. When attempting to merge a repository, multiple immersion 8 reactions are detected along with an emergency alert.


  • ep-10-A2022.07.10

    In the Quadrado section of the N-CA Donova abandoned town, In-612-c immediately evacuated after receiving an emergency alert, but began a search to meet up with the other three.


  • ep-10-B2022.07.10

    In-279-n, exposed to multiple eclipses suddenly detected in the N-CA Donova abandoned town of Bulk Square, calls for emergency support to root, but is unable to escape.


  • ep-10-C2022.07.10

    On Rambles Street in the abandoned N-CA Donova district, there are no lights and the area is eerily quiet. You notice that the main system circuits are slowly being invaded by the erosion of multiple tentacles.


  • ep-10-D2022.07.10

    In the foggy central part of Donova, In-312-t was making a last stand after evacuating the other three, but multiple eclipse infiltrations caused the NodeBox, which controls consciousness, to shut down, causing a conflict in the Mother-088's program code.


  • ep-112022.07.27

    In E-Asia root verse, the series "HawkEye" directly under root, which detected an abnormal situation at Donova, sent an emergency request to the series "Executor", which was waiting at S-CA. Immediately after that, similar abnormal situations were reported from all over the world.

    E-Asia root verseにて、ドノバで起こった異常事態を感知したroot直下のシリーズ「HawkEye」は、S-CAにて待機していたシリーズ「Executor」に緊急要請を通知、直後同様の異常事態が世界各所から報告される

  • ep-11-A2022.07.27

    In root verse Secure Management Room, In-089-b, which has been engaged in an expansion experiment with Mother-088, received reports of simultaneous damage in KARAKURI around the world, and suspended the experiment. Based on the data collected in root, In-089-b dispatches support troops to various regions.

    root verseセキュア管理ルームにて、Mother-088の拡張検証の最終段階に入っていたIn-089-bは、世界各地で同時に起こったKARAKURIの被害報告を受け実験は一時中断、rootの現状解析を待つ

  • ep-11-B2022.07.27

    At the root verse rest space, while taking a temporary rest before the expansion verification with OTOMO, In-089-b shares the damage situation of the Eclipse-syoku- that occurred in various parts of the world.

    root verseレストスペースにて、OTOMOと共に拡張検証前の一時的な休息を取る中、In-089-bより世界各地で起こった蝕-syoku-の被害状況の共有を得る

  • ep-11-C2022.07.27

    In-048-a, who continued analysis of OMEGA at root verse Laboratory, entrusted analysis to OTOMO due to this abnormal situation called "black wall", and then started analysis of the unknown data newly confirmed at Donova.

    root verseラボラトリーにて、OMEGAの解析を続けていたIn-048-aは、後に「ブラックウォール」と呼ばれるこの異常事態により、OTOMOにOMEGA解析を任せた後、ドノバにて未確認のデータが存在している事に気づく

  • ep-11-D2022.07.27

    Requested OTOMO to call "HawkEye" members in front of the main gate of root verse in response to the abnormal situation that occurred in Donova, awaiting root's instructions to begin operations.

    root verseメインゲート前にて、ドノバで発生した異常事態を受けて「HawkEye」メンバーの招集をOTOMOに要請。rootの指示を待って作戦行動に移る

  • ep-122022.08.14

    The series "Executor" arrives in Donova, and manages to save the situation by destroying the eroded core system of VEIN. 47 KARAKURI are sacrificed worldwide, including VEIN. The thing with a name" appears.


  • ep-12-A2022.08.14

    At Melbinger Cathedral, the resistance of the eroded In-307-s is so fierce that the core system is barely succeeded in shutting down. Hastily, In-027-f begins a search for the remaining VEIN.


  • ep-12-B2022.08.14

    On Turk Street, west of Balkh Square, In-044-c, which had barely shut down the core system of In-279-n, headed for the center of the Donova Ruins after receiving a report that In-312-t had been discovered.


  • ep-12-C2022.08.14

    At BandungRain Bridge, the sounds of heavy fighting echo from beneath the collapsed bridge. As the smoke from the explosion blocks his vision, In-068-e spots In-312-t writhing in the smoke.


  • ep-12-D2022.08.14

    In the center of Donova, the "Executor," which has the highest performance of Mother-088, collapses helplessly against a new "ta thing with a pseudonym" engraved with the word "purification.


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